Dragon Nest

Enjoy a desktop PC game with fantasy and action elements as you battle your way through world of Lemuria

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    7.2 (413)

Dragon Nest, developed by Eyedentity Games, is a combination third-person brawler and online role-playing game. The multiplayer game is available via a free download.


  • One of the most significant positive elements of Dragon Nest is the wide variety of truly interesting and exciting battle scenarios. Not only are these scenarios uniquely invigorating, there are also enough of them to keep a person's interest in Dragon Nest over the long haul.
  • Another high mark associated with Dragon Nest is the fact that the game presents a truly user-friendly interface. The interface is designed with both novice and experienced players in mind. Everything associated with the interface is both well-positioned and well-marked.
  • The role-playing element of the game is also a plus. Through this element of the game, a person is able to customize his or her own character in a unique manner but also with a considerable degree of detail.
  • The game comes complete with an assortment of intriguing weapons. As the game progresses and as a person experiences successes and victories, he or she begins to access even more interesting weaponry.
  • As noted, Dragon Nest is a multiplayer experience. Indeed, it has been described as being "massively" multiplayer. An indeterminate number of people can be involved in the same round of play at any given point in time.
  • Dragon Nest features well-crafted graphics. They are both vibrant and well-animated. As an aside, the graphics run smoothly and appear to be generally glitch-free. Many gamers and other reviewers have described the flow as nearly flawless.


  • Not all gamers enjoy games that involve as many players as Dragon Nest potentially does during a particular adventure. For some gamers, this does represent a drawback to the game. However, a clear majority of gamers actually enjoy exciting games that involve a broad number of like-minded individuals.
  • Although the story or plot lines are exciting, some people are left feeling that there is nothing particularly new in them. Some contend that the plot lines associated with different battle and role-playing sequences have been rehashed multiple times in other games in the past.

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